Coinmix API

You can integrate coin mixing into your own project by using a simple API call:

Method: POST


  • adr_send – Address to send the money to.
  • adr_back – Address where any winnings will be sent.
  • btc_send – The amount to send, in BCH.

The request will return a JSON object, like this one:

		"error": "ok",
		"adr":   "1MwhnoSD93pK1RVchfqEZCS1QW3yrg12Fa",
		"fee":    0.001,
		"token": "713107246847"
Returned values:
  • error – 'ok' or error description.
  • adr – The address to send the amount + fee to.
  • fee – The fee to add to the amount.
  • token – Order ID.

You can give this link to the user to see the progress:

Alternatively, you can fetch the status as a JSON object:

Method: GET



		"error":    "ok",
		"state":    "waiting",
		"conf_need": 1,
		"conf_got":  0,
		"adr":      "1MwhnoSD93pK1RVchfqEZCS1QW3yrg12Fa",
		"adr_send": "1CoinmixCNS9hpMy19DEUBtmZsen3pSH8H",
		"adr_back": "1CoinmixCNS9hpMy19DEUBtmZsen3pSH8H",
		"btc_send":  0.123,
		"btc_need":  0.124,
		"btc_tmp":   0,
		"btc_got":   0,
		"btc_won":   0,
		"jackpot":  "0",
		"token":    "713107246847",
		"txid":     "",
		"ts":        569010752