What is Coinmix Wallet?

Coinmix Wallet allows you to have a balance in the pool of mixed coins, which you can spend at any time.


The main reason is to defeat even the most sophisticated temporal analysis.


  • When you store money in the pool, you don't have to pay for the delay and it can be as long as you want: days, weeks, even months.
  • Since the money you have in the wallet is part of the common pool, it's being constantly mixed.
  • When you send money outside of Coinmix, it is automatically sent from the pool of clean coins.
  • Users that store money in the pool increase it for everybody, thus improving everyone's privacy.
  • Transfers between Coinmix Wallets are instant, private and free.
  • Records of such transfers in the the database are automatically deleted after 72 hours.
  • You can mix Coinmix Wallets and regular addresses while mixing your coins: for example you can deposit 2 BCH, then send 1 BCH to a Bitcoin Cash address and 1 BCH to a Coinmix Wallet. Or you can deposit 2 BCH and send 1 BCH to two different Coinmix Wallets.
  • You can now accumulate an unlimited number of small deposits into one big payment, or split one big deposit into an unlimited number of smaller payments.
  • Payments are now faster, since you can deposit one large amount and then send a payment in the very next block at any time. No need to wait for deposit confirmations.
  • The more people are using the wallets to transact, the less information is leaked outside of the mixer: no cookies, no on-chain transactions, etc.
  • If you keep 0.01 BCH or more in your wallet, you are eligible to receive dividends from Coinmix (see below).

Fees are only paid once, on deposit. Payments are absolutely free.

Disadvantage: your coins have to be in the hot wallet all the time. If something happens to the server, you might lose all your money. So don't keep more than you can afford to lose there.

How to use it?

Generate a strong random password and use it to login. If such password is not yet used on Coinmix, a new wallet will be created for you.

It will show you your wallet ID, which you can then use as a destination of a regular Coinmix transfer.

Once you have some money in your wallet, you can then send it to either a Bitcoin Cash address or another Coinmix Wallet.


Yes! Coinmix allows you to earn interest on your money: 35% of all fees collected during the day will be distributed as dividends to all wallets that kept at least 0.01 BCH during the last 24 hours.

The amount will be proportional to the share of your wallet balance compared to the total balance of all eligible wallets. Dividends are credited once a payout threshold is reached.

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